QUIMANTU were formed in 1981 by the Chilean musician and composer Mauricio Venegas-Astorga and since then have gained a reputation as one of Britain’s finest South American bands.  Over the past two decades Quimantu have developed a unique repertoire, which gives audiences a fascinating overview of the diversity of South American music and an insight into its musical connections with Africa, Europe and beyond. From the haunting melodies of Andean, Celtic and Thai airs to the rhythms of Cuban Son and Northumbrian dances, the band is inspired by a desire to discover the music of the past and the sound of the future. The group has blossomed out of the very particular musical environment that exists in the UK, especially in London, an environment that has afforded Quimantu the opportunity to collaborate with leading musicians from almost every genre imaginable, from Western Classical to Indian Classical, African to traditional English Folk. The result is a powerful and inspiring musical message, a refreshing mix full of life and honesty that speaks directly to audiences’ hearts as well as their dancing feet in venues across the UK, Europe and Chile.

© Harriet Armstrong